Theme Wedding Invitation

  • Theme Wedding Invitation

    Theme Wedding Invitation

  • Theme Wedding Invitation Multi-Layered Design

    Multi-Layered Design

  • Theme Wedding Invitation Impressive Packaging

    Impressive Packaging

Invitation that complement your journey

An invite, a memento and a statement, all rolled into a piece of art. This ship themed wedding invitation consists of a box with a vintage ship in 3D popped up on the top, while ornate motifs adorn the sides. The initials of the bride and the groom are placed in a beautifully cut dial above the ship. The same dial is repeated inside to put the spotlight on the couple. The outer box holds goodies/chocolates with a jacket-style invite on the top. Rich golden electroplated stickers, foil stamping and silk-screen printing enhance the appeal of the invite inserts placed within the textured jacket inside of the box. The multi-layered design, choice of material, and intricate craftsmanship make the wedding invitation exclusive and premium.

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